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Media is everywhere and it’s not going away anytime soon. Everyday there seems to be something new that is introduced to the world.  How can one even keep up with all of the new websites, apps and jargon of today without being overwhelmed? Is there such a thing as too much? Some say no. Some want more. Take a look at some social media platforms that are set to explode in the near future.

One new platform that you may have heard of is Anchor. Anchor is an audio recording app that lets you share soundbites of yourself talking. Is this the new radio?  How would Anchor or any  new and upcoming platform affect the world in which we live today? If Anchor grows popular like Facebook or Instagram, then you can imagine company advertising and marketing is sure to follow. The app could become an equal outlet for the public and businesses.

Businesses have definitely capitalized on emerging media. Marketing today has taken a less traditional approach and is heavily interactive. New media has made it possible for the everyday consumer to be a part of the process. Businesses must redirect their campaigns and focus on approaches that make sense both for the company and the highly socially engaged public. This blog will focus on emerging media and how people and companies use it daily.



3 thoughts on “Give Us More

  1. Thanks for the link to the Forbes article! I have not even tackled the worlds of Snapchat or Tumblr so it is interesting to see what other platforms are up and coming beyond those. Shots is an interesting concept, sort of hybrid between Snapchat and Instagram, already two major players. It looks like it has become comedy focused, calling itself the comedy app, I’m not sure if that distinction will help or hurt, but I guess we shall see!

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  2. As a former radio reporter, I can really appreciate the push that Anchor is trying to make. With so much attention on video, and probably deservedly so, the art of audio can often times get lost. That doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful—radio broadcasts have long been places for people to entertain the theater of the mind, and producers who get creative with audio can capture an audience’s attention just as well as a photograph or video clip.

    The rise of content marketing should help Anchor grow in popularity, as brands find new ways to personalize and communicate with consumers and advocates. Anchor provides brands a space to create an ongoing conversation within a community of individuals who are interested in a specific topic. I really like that brands would be able to show personality and connectivity in areas associated with, but essentially outside of the brand.

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  3. I have never heard of Anchor, but the thought of a more interactive radio-type platform is an interesting thought! Not sure what that looks like (or sounds, I suppose), but nothing surprises me anymore. It’s been intriguing to watch the growth of engagement and interactivity across media, and I think the more emerging media that comes about, the more consumers will want to be apart of the conversation. Nice post!

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