This Social Media Platform Just Expanded and Will Change Your Brand

Two years ago, marketing by way of Snapchat was not the most talked about concept. Times have sure changed. This week, Adweek reported that Snapchat launched an ad expansion that will allow businesses to build brand awareness and revenue. The expansion consists of the launch of Snapchat Partners. Snapchat Partner’s application programming interface(API) will expand advertising making it easier to buy ads on the platform.

What was known as a fun, millennial friendly app is turning into an app that will allow brands to customize its advertising to reach Snapchat users.

Here are some features of the expansion:

  • Snapchat users are able to download your brand’s apps directly from the advertisement.
  • Ads will appear between friends’ stories.
  • Ads will be certified by 3rd party agencies.
  • API will give advertisers a way to measure Snapchat users’ interactions with your brand.

These features provide a creative approach to marketing. Many times messaging stops at the hashtag or comment. This form of advertising allows for continuous and specified interactions. It will also allow you to reach your target audience, rather than wasting money showing advertisements to those who will never have an interest in what your company offers. Marketing In the Digital Age gives a great visual on the importance of this type of marketing.



Take a look at 12 brands that successfully integrated Snapchat in their campaigns. Do you see how Snapchat is beneficial?


4 thoughts on “This Social Media Platform Just Expanded and Will Change Your Brand

  1. I noticed this change recently and I actually don’t mind the way Snapchat has begun to incorporate ads. A few weeks ago, they had a public story that was all about weddings. Within the story, were several advertisements for the upcoming movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. While the ads did get a little annoying if you stayed to watch the entire story I think it is a great way for brands to reach their targe audience, especially if they happen to be teens or young adults.

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  2. Great use of an info graphic, Cecily. This really helps break down the usefulness of utilizing social media to improve a company’s advertising.

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  3. This a great article and the info graphic is very informative. I believe Snapchat is proving to be an incredibly effective marketing tool that every organization should take advantage of. Largely due to its specific value proposition and market segment, Snapchat allows businesses to target their particular demographic very specifically and uniquely. Unlike some of other social media apps that exist mostly on brand loyalty or breadth of user base, Snapchat offers unique features that marketers should use to stand out from the crowd, namely loyalty. Snapchat works a bit differently from other social media apps. Followers actually have to seek you out directly via username or QR code, rather than searching profiles. A key result of this is the knowledge that any followers you gain are already interested in your brand, and you can move directly to engaging them with unique experiences, contests, behind-the-scenes content, etc etc. These type of unique, targeted interactions with your followers tend to foster brand loyalty. And in most cases brand loyalty equates to increase in sales and revenue.

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  4. I recently noticed this change on snapchat and it’s a great marketing tool for companies and provides a different way to reach the target audience. It allows for brand loyalty and will lead to a long term increase in sales for the companies currently using this marketing tool.

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