Ask Anything: It’s Not Too Complicated for Viv

Everybody is familiar with “Siri” and “OK Google”, but have you heard of Viv? If you are in the market for a personal assistant, then Viv has all of the answers. Viv creators are the same creators of Apple’s Siri and have created Viv to be more complex. The virtual system understands complex commands and is set to be “the intelligent interface for everything.” Oren Etzioni, chief executive of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, says Viv should mimic the spontaneity and knowledge base of a human assistant.

How can Viv or other advanced personal assistants shape the world of marketing? Currently, marketers are optimizing web pages to be clear and concise. Complicated content does not maximize SEO results.  Will Viv make it possible for complicated data to be searchable. Do you see a future where the optimization of key phrases and questions will become obsolete?

Currently, Viv has not been bought by Apple or any other large tech company. It’ll be interesting to see who will scoop up this advanced platform and change the search game.


One thought on “Ask Anything: It’s Not Too Complicated for Viv

  1. I have not heard of Viv!! I Googled it (go figure) and it’s being promoted as “the intelligent interface of everything,” like you said. Apparently, Viv’s purpose is to create conversation between multiple objects. The factor that separates Viv from Siri and the like is the ability for Viv to have a longterm memory, which is of huge appeal to the user tech market. Siri has a short term memory and only searches for what you ask. Viv will be able to have what is being called “stackability” so that your inquiries can stack on top of one another and ultimately be connected. I bet Apple or another tech giant scoops Viv up in the next three years!!

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