Why Your Concert Experience Is About To Change

Picture this. You’re at a concert having fun and dancing to music. Your favorite artist comes on stage to sing directly to you. You reach in your pocket, pull out your phone and open your camera app to capture this great moment. Unfortunately, your camera won’t work. It has been disabled. You’ve been blocked. Your camera has been purposely deactivated by technology outside of your control. Imagine the disappointment.

Sounds crazy right? Well think again. This may very well become reality. A recent article by CBS news shared that Apple was just granted a new patent to explore ways to stop iPhones from taking photos and videos in certain areas. How would this work? The patent would allow infrared technology and commands to be sent to your phone. Your phone would then decode the command and in the blink of an eye you would get rejected. This technology would be used at concerts or events where photography and videography is banned.

phone stats

There are some major ethical concerns surrounding this. Some say this is just another way for companies to make money and force people to pay for professional photographs and videos. Some say this new technology could lead to misuse and abuse. What do you say?


3 thoughts on “Why Your Concert Experience Is About To Change

  1. This is a very informative article that is very helpful to view before attending future concerts. I personally feel like capturing the artist at certain moments when you want and from your own personal devices is a very special thing that shouldn’t be taken away. Great article!


  2. With all new technology there are pros and cons. I see mostly cons especially in the
    context of a concert. It is not a high security event. Phone cameras allow concert goers to capture memories. The infrared technology allows someone else to control the phones. Would venues stop at disabling cameras? Could someone hack in and disable calling and other features? This technology could be appropriate at events that contain sensitive information, however it needs to be tweaked.


  3. I am surprised they have not already done this. Every time I go to an event and they tell the audience they cannot use their cellular devices, I’m thinking, “how are they going to stop people.”I can see why they don’t want people to take pictures but in this day in age that is how people communicate with one another. I do believe it takes away from the experience and hinders people to live in the moment but on the other hand it is free publicity for the artist and venue. Also, it helps people to see the real instead of an edited, commercial friendly version. It could save a life if something dangerous happens, but that’s a whole other topic.


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