It’s Time To Check Your Account…Again

Social media can be fun! Facebook lets you connect with friends. Twitter allows you to voice your opinions. You can show off your life through Instagram pictures. Social media can also be your worst nightmare if you connect with the wrong people, voice bad opinions and risqué pictures.

Your life can change before your eyes if you are a federal employee with a social media account. The government recently passed a new policy where they will start scanning employees’ social media accounts. If you want to apply or re-apply for a security clearance, then you better make sure your Facebook account won’t get you into trouble.

Do you think this is an invasion of privacy or is this necessary to protect the government? Whether you work for the federal government or not, a bad social media account will hurt your future and career. Inbound Digital shared some statistics below.


Jennifer Lee Magas of Magas Media Consultants believes that you are your brand and you have to manage it successfully. To do this you should start by doing a basic search of your name on Google. Make sure anything you find about yourself is work appropriate. “Don’t rely only on privacy settings. Remove every potential inappropriate post or picture, and always keep language and grammar in mind.”

Don’t let a picture cost you your job. When was the last time you checked your social media conversations?


3 thoughts on “It’s Time To Check Your Account…Again

  1. Social media and technology advance everyday and if the work place does not adapt with it then their business will suffer. Employers have every right to extend their background checks to social media to see who they are really brining into their company. CEO, COO , managers etc work hard to build their brand and need to hire people who will represent thief brand in a positive and professional matter. Also, this will hold people more accountable to their actions and make them think twice before they post negative, rude and inappropriate material. Social media is a good thing but too many times unresponsible people take advantage of the situation and use it for bad.

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  2. This is a timely post. First impressions are indelible. If, in poor judgement, you have posted discriminating comments relating to gender, race or religion, inappropriate photos and foul language, take the steps now to clean up your act. The story of Laremy Tunsil is a recent reminder of the impact social media can have on your future:
    Social media can be a good tool for those using it responsibly.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more. I help my small office management when we do any hiring. Automatically, we check out the candidate’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get a feel for the type of person they are. It’d be irresponsible not to, then hire that person, and then see two months down the road that they go out every night and are constantly late for their shift at work. It would not be worth the company’s time and money to bring that candidate on board. A simple search could have prevented months of time and money, wasted. With that said, the negative side to social media searches by employers is that a super strict hiring manager could misconceive one beer or one glass of one in a photo as someone suffering from alcoholism. It’s tough to keep a completely clean slate. In addition, sometimes our Facebook “friends” share things that we would not share ourselves – so making sure our privacy settings are strict is important. In my own experiences, I require any friend tagging me in a photo to have my permission first before it hits my wall.


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